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Renewable Energies

Global Climate change has brought about a drive towards better Waste management and the harvesting and the re-use of waste products from biological processes. The ever increasing costs and shortages in the supply of energy has led to the expansion of the Renewable Energy Market. Carbon Neutral Approach has experience in scientific research and development in Renewable energies. This included the design and development of Anaerobic Digesters for The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa. The research included Photo Voltaic systems and small scale Wind turbines.

Carbon Neutral Approach can manage projects for the development of site specific renewable energy systems that will incorporate Waste to energy in the form of anaerobic digestion for the harvesting of biogas, Photo Voltaic systems, small scale wind Turbines, and small scale hydro systems.

Carbon Neutral Approach will design the systems and manage the installation project including the Training of operators and the development of Maintenance schedules.

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