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Project Management

Years of practical experience and formal qualifications in project management allows the members of Carbon Neutral Approach the ability to manage projects such as Development and Design, Training, Systems, Infrastructure Development, Construction and Procurement.

We have experience of working in very remote areas of Africa such as South Africa; Botswana; Malawi; Tanzania.

Managing projects in these remote areas has taught us to plan every project to the last item due to logistical difficulties.

Our goal at Carbon Neutral Approach is to complete projects with the minimum Carbon Footprint. We believe that a smaller Carbon footprint will result in lower Operational costs.

Our experience and in-depth knowledge of the anaerobic digestion process allows us to manage projects in the renewable energy arena. We have experience in scientific research in the field of optimising methane (CH4) production from anaerobic digesters and this will allow for the optimised operation of digesters in a sustainable manner.

Services that we offer allows us to assist in project development by:

  • Scoping on the basis of sound scientific principles
  • Design with sustainability in mind
  • Sourcing of equipment and hardware
  • Project management of entire project
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