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The Warthog Control system

The Warthog Control system developed by Carbon Neutral Approach was developed originally with anaerobic digestion in mind. We found that the knowledge of the complex biological process has been lost in South Africa. The increasing cost of electricity has driven the agricultural sector to supplement the energy that they use from the national grid with locally generated energy from waste products that they produce. Lack of knowledge of the anaerobic process deters or discourages operators and owners of AD plants from start such projects.

The Warthog control system allows these operators and cost effective and automated management system of their anaerobic digesters. Not only is the system good for anaerobic digestion but also other industries where an automated process management is required.

Anaerobic Digester Plant

Carbon Neutral Approach has been involved with biogas plants and technology since 2010. The principal member of carbon Neutral Approach was contracted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as a researcher in the field of anaerobic digestion and other renewable technologies. Portfolio of projects on biogas at municipal wastewater treatment plants. Implementation of the CSIR patented two stage anaerobic digestion process.

1) Principle inventor of Patented Two Stage Automated Anaerobic digester. Ongoing research in the technology and design of a High rate anaerobic digester for the optimization of the methane component of biogas produced from organic waste.
2) CSIR Water Sustainability Flagship
Implementation Area 2 - Principle Technology designer FY 2012-2013
3) Biogas-to-electricity
Assisted through funding of the Green Fund, the CSIR is currently upgrading one 2 Ml anaerobic digester at the Hartebeestfontein treatment plant of ERWAT to the patented two stage CSIR process. The gas produced will be used in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit to generate electricity for use on-site and heat to keep the digestion process at mesophilic temperature.
Project manager during project inception period - Principle inventor of technology and part of implementation team
4) Improving biogas potential WWTP sludge

For a major municipal wastewater treatment plant the CSIR is currently testing a number of additives and pre-treatment options to the primary sludge to investigate methods to increase the biogas yield of the anaerobic digestion process. In a dedicated laboratory site-specific sludge is tested in lab scale digesters with and without the pre-treatment / additive to test its effect on volumes of gas produced.
Developer of laboratory and equipment used for the analysis of the sludge and interventions

  1. Large scale High Rate fully Automated Anaerobic digester 4 000m3 (Phase one) total 8 000m3 Phase two

Client: Greenway Farm
Feedstock: Carrot pulp, Chicken Manure, Silage

Product: 1000m3 Biogas for boiler to produce thermal energy for carrot juice pasteurization

Solution provided: All instrumentation, Cabling, Routing, DC and AC electrical installation, Control and automation system in the form of the Warthog Control system.
Product supplied: 1 x Warthog and 2 x Piglet RTU’s

2. Large scale covered lagoon digester 8 000m3

Client: Humphries Farms

Feedstock: Pig manure

Product: This digester was developed to assist with odor control. The Biogas product is not a priority for this client

Solution Provided: One Top of the range Warthog main controller with capacity for future expansion. Currently a fully automated mixing system is managed by the controller. All cabling, Routing and electrical installation
Products supplied: 1 x Warthog

3. Small scale fully automated mesophilic digester 300m3

Client: City of Tshwane

Feedstock: Pig manure from 10 communal pig farms
Product: Biogas for 60KW electricity generator
Solution provided: All instrumentation, Cabling, Routing system, Installation and controller
Products supplied: 1 x Warthog

4. Large scale fully automated plant 5200m3

Client: Harmony Gold Mines

Feedstock: Silage and sugar beets grown on contaminated land

Product: Biogas for boiler on local plant and Biogas for thermal energy to be piped 5Km to be used in gold refining process

Solution provided: All instrumentation installation, Cabling, Routing, DC electrical installation, Control and automation system in the form of the Warthog Control system.
Products supplied: 1 x Warthog, 3 x Piglet, 1 Maxi piglet, 3 x Mini Piglet and 1 x repeater amounting totalling 61 I/O channels and long distance wireless radio communication of 5 Km.

MAY 2013

  • Carbon Neutral Approach has been contracted as Technical Consultants on a very exciting project in the Kafue National Park, Zambia. The aim of the project is to build and operate a lodge with a minimal Carbon footprint.


  • Carbon Neutral Approach has completed a contract as Technical Consultants with Wilderness Safaris for their new and exciting Congo Project incorporating 2 bush camps at the Odzala National Park which is due to open on 1 May 2012. This project requires a small footprint and a minimal environmental impact.


A project that Carbon Neutral Approach has been involved in, is the development of a Lodge as well as the consultation on the upgrade of existing infra structure at other facilities. The lodge is to be constructed on a site in the Western Serengeti Tanzania. The concept of the lodge is to be “Carbon Neutral” and to derive the energy needed for the operation of the lodge, to be from sustainable renewable energies. Carbon Neutral Approach was approached by the project manager to consult with the Architect on the design and integration of renewable energy systems and hardware into the design. This project is currently on hold.

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