Experience and qualifications

Carbon Neutral Approach offers skills and experience gathered over a many years in the renewable energy industry and scientific research and development. These skills have been developed in countries ranging from South Africa, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania. Members of Carbon Neutral Approach worked in all disciplines required for the successful and commercially sustainable operation organizations. Experience has also been gained in scientific research and development with an MSc thesis that was completed through the CSIR in Pretoria, South Africa.

The completion of the MSc dissertation required the design, construction and commission a high rate automated autonomous anaerobic digester. The brief for the project was to design an AD that would limit the input from unskilled labour that sometimes cause failure and/or damage to expensive hardware. The purpose of the design is also to optimize the methane percentage in the biogas. The design incorporated off-the-shelf hardware that is familiar to subsistence farmers across remote areas of the continent of Africa. This will allow for the ease of maintenance and repair due to the familiarity to the hardware by unskilled persons.

The design also employs the use of renewable energy systems for the energy supply to the reactor. This included heat and electrical energy. The use of the renewable energy systems will allow the reactor to be utilized in an environment that is off the national grid and this has proved valuable in the implementation of the design with the Integrated Research and Infrastructure Program (IRIP).

The layout of the design and the use of renewable energy systems, allows for the infrastructure required to treat waste to be smaller due to the shorter retention time. The shorter retention time was reached from the high rate design. The renewable energy systems also allow 100% of the gas product to be available as a fuel source to be used elsewhere.

The utilization and implementation of the renewable energy systems allowed us to gather practical and theoretical experience in the field of renewable energy systems.
With this experience and knowledge Carbon Neutral Approach developed technology in the form of a control and automation of biological processes and or other industrial processes. This technology has been supplied and installed in various projects and plants over South Africa where the anaerobic digestion to methane (CH4) rich gas process was constructed.
Along with the process control, automation and monitoring technology Carbon Neutral Approach was tasked with the procurement of instruments, sensors, probes and electrodes used in the monitoring of the processes. These instruments was installed at these projects by our capable technicians.

Carbon Neutral Approach also gained experience in the project management and the sourcing and procurement of operational equipment, construction materials, furniture and fittings for luxury eco lodges in Tanzania, Botswana and Zambia. Other experience includes the design and development of new luxury mobile camps; the upgrade to improved standards of existing seasonal camps and a permanent lodges; construction of permanent, tented other guest accommodation, staff rooms and facilities.

We have worked with Architects like Tom Wright from Atkins Designs known for designing the Burj al Arab in Dubai, on projects to design environmentally friendly and true Eco Lodges in the Serengeti Tanzania. 

All projects were carried out with the aim of minimizing the carbon foot print as well as environmental impact on eco – systems.

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