About Us

Carbon Neutral Approach was started in August 2010 and consults for the Private Sector, Business and the Eco tourism Industry. The Company was started due to the founders identifying a niche in the market for renewable energy systems and operational sustainability. Since then, we have developed technology for the waste to energy industry. The technology that we developed is in the form of a microprocessor based control and automation system. The technology has proven very successful in large scale industrial applications such as Gold mines as well as the agricultural sector.

The success and proven track record of the Warthog Control System allows us to apply the technology in other sectors as well. This will include any sector that requires the use of a robust control and automation system for large surface area networks and long distance data transfer.

We have 8 years’ experience in scientific research and product development. Along with experience gained with the installation of automation systems and instrumentation on various large scale industrial projects. We also have 28 years combined experience in the Hospitality industry where the above skills were honed and developed in some of the more remote areas of Southern and East Africa.

Carbon neutral approach consults for clients by:

• Assessing the client’s needs
• Collaboration with designers/architects/engineers at inception or design phase
• Integration of renewable energy (RE) systems in to the design
• Sourcing and procurement of specialized equipment
• Management of installation and training
• Commissioning
• Post occupancy follow up
• Operations and maintenance contracts
• Remote monitoring of process and plant
• Data collection and analysis    

Carbon Neutral Approach offers experience in:

• Project management
• Operational sustainability
• Design
• Sourcing & Purchasing
• Construction
• Maintenance
• Anaerobic digestion
• Scientific R&D
• Product development

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